Emily seamlessly brings her one-of-a-kind brand experience, background in fashion and design, and her yoga and mindfulness training to the conversation, leaving her audience empowered, inspired and transformed. Her acclaimed “Brilliant Storytelling” series focuses on moving away from the culture of comparison and competition that can cause limiting beliefs and a scarcity mindset. When she shares her solutions for overcoming self-doubt, embracing digital strength—and explains how to move through it, master mindset, be intentional, and take action—the results are amazing.


Rethink How We Engage As Consumers, Embrace Mindfulness, Live With Intention, And Take Positive Action To Create A Sustainable, Stylish Home And Lifestyle

Emily Anderson introduces her revolutionary method of reprogramming our mind as a consumer, to alter feelings and associations related to material goods, to enable everybody to have a healthy relationship with their finances, their self-worth, how they interact with brands, and as a result, have a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, and better world.


How To Plan A Wedding That Reflects Who You Are And How You Want To Make A Positive Impact On The World

With Emily Anderson’s proven approach to planning a sustainable wedding, you can permanently improve every area of your life by applying conscious consumer behavior to this important moment in your life. Emily draws a direct link to the immense global impact the wedding industry has, and explains in exact detail how couples can take back their wedding, redirect their spending, and shift the economy towards fair trade, ethical, and sustainable products.