hello. I'm Emily.

I spent a decade working for fashion and lifestyle brands, including Donna Karan New York, Martha Stewart, and Vanity Fair Magazine. I learned how create a brand, launch a product, develop audience-engaging strategies, and elevate the brand experience across multiple touch points.




1.Builds Revenue

Seriously, marketing that isn't built around and in-service to business growth isn't marketing. I am all about efficiencies, and my work is multi-layered. In 2016 I wrote a book + digital-first content for Einstein Healthcare’s $150 Million capital campaign. Read more.


2. Searchable + Shareable

I carefully craft SEO strategy, access user data, and produce brand stories for clients like P&G—with digital content that extends across hundreds of websites, blogs, and social media channels, both paid and unpaid.


3. Increase Market Share

It's the name of the game--competing in a digital world means taking an aggressive look at who your competitors are--now and in the future--and building new revenue streams through content strategy.




Today's consumer wants brands to be good, and to do good. Brands comes to important social issues.

I specialize in developing and executing 360 degree brand experiences to connect with the trillion dollar purpose-driven market. 



My background working for fashion and design-driven brands helps me connect with a passionate audience of style-seeking consumers who are also members of the growing segment  of shoppers who want their brands to promote social good.



My expertise has grown along with the digital media environment, and I used social media, SEO, Google Adwords, Blogging, link-building, email marketing, and other interactive marketing programs to promote my books and grow an active audience of more than 10,000 style-driven consumers. 




In 2007, I changed direction and I become a published author and editorial contributor. I wanted to use my experience to help grow consumer awareness about conscious capitalism.

client work

My clients include Fortune 500 companies, niche brands, and bootstrapped start-ups. With 20 years as a marketer, and almost as long as a digital marketer, I am always laser-focussed on growth.



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