Emily Anderson
 Ariel view of using a desktop computer and mobile phone

I get it.

You need to grow your digital presence, but you don't know where to start. That's where I can help you. I make it my purpose to demystify digital marketing for stylish and creative small and mid-size businesses. You are exactly who will benefit the most from the power and promise of the digital landscape, and I can show you how. 


Content Strategy

I help brands achieve organic search goals with targeted, searchable, unique content across all platforms. I understand the different facets of content strategy, including data, analytics, SEO, UX, UI. I know how to create and manage robust and efficient content management platforms that deliver, scale, and become turnkey. I'm constantly learning and finding new, innovative, off the beaten path ways to connect and have a conversation with your audience. 



SEO is more than just a three letter word-and it's more than just ranks. SEO is just one tool in your digital content chest but only succeeds when there's really good content. I have an in-depth knowledge of advanced search engine optimization strategies and tactics, first-hand experience using tools like Google Analytics--I can tell you what works, how to harness the incredible power of SEO, how to maximize your investment, and finally, how to see measurable results.



 Identifying the drivers for your market gives you the power to prioritize--is your customer on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat? How does Facebook influence their choices? I find out via quantitative and qualitative research, Google Analytics, search results, social media trends, and data from a variety of resources to help paint a complete picture for you. But research isn't just done through numbers--organic research happens all the time, all around us. I'm constantly collecting different viewpoints, finding new opportunities, key insights, and ways to maximize growth.


Web Design

I help businesses perfect their online presence. I conduct web audits, both front-end and back-end, and deliver recommendations. I know how to work with non-tech people to translate their vision to the digital environment, in a way that's brand faithful and builds revenue.  I work with interior designers, stylists, photographers, event planners, magazines, fashion + beauty companies to get their online program in shape, develop a social media program, and build web sites with Wordpress.