Consumer Research

Interview customers whose buying journey is still fresh in their minds. When you convert consumer and market research into well-formed personas, you end up with buyer personas. Suss out the conversations happening on social media, Twitter hashtags that your persona is likely to use, and look at those streams to see what’s being posted. Find out who the influencers are on social media and what they’re talking about. The more personas you have, the more differentiated your stories need to be. You can’t tell the same story to different personas. You must tell a story to each one based on what makes that persona tick.

Research is done with the sole purpose of building useful personas – personas that reveal who the user is, personas that inform your content strategy, and personas that build revenue.

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User Experience

Content only works if it's usable across all platforms, and with  UX strategy, you can get the right content to the right people at the right time. Using personas, I'm able to write user stories to understand the buyers journey and how to optimize content and design that works in every possible context. This is how you get content that builds relationships that result in sales. Today it's not about the medium, it's about a message that can transmit and impact no matter where it's received.