The ability to find and organize 1,000 people is a breakthrough opportunity according to Seth Godin.


One thousand people coordinating their actions is enough to change your world (and make a living.)

1,000 people each spending $1,000 on a special interest cruise equals a million dollars.

1,000 people willing to spend $250 to attend a day-long seminar gives you the leverage to invite just about anyone you can imagine to fly in and speak.

1,000 people voting as a bloc can change local politics forever.

1,000 people willing to try a new restaurant you find for them gives you the ability to make an entrepreneur successful and change the landscape of your town.

Even better, coordinating the learning and connections of this tribe of 1,000 is not just profitable, it's rewarding. If you can take them where they want to go, you become indispensable (and respected).

What's difficult? What's difficult is changing your attitude. Instead of speed dating your way to interruption, instead of yelling at strangers all day trying to make a living, coordinating a tribe of 1,000 requires patience, consistency and a focus on long-term relationships and life time value. You don't find customers for your products. You find products for your customers.


As a Creative Strategist, Writer and Digital Marketing Consultant, 

I drive my client's projects through the creative process to build comprehensive content strategy, marketing initiatives, campaigns, and interactive audience engagements. 

My work empowers brands, shows them the possibilities of digital media, and equips them with a road map for next-level programs.  

Part 1: Content Design

  • Designing voice and tone from scratch

  • Tricks for conversational writing

  • Guidelines for microcopy that motivates action

Part 2: Searchability

  • Sign up, login and password recovery

  • Sign up for a newsletter

  • Contact Us page

  • Error messages

  • Confirmation messages

  • Empty states

  • SEO/Social Media

Part 3: Usability/Engagement

  • UX writing and usability: Basic principles

  • Identifying and bridging knowledge gaps

  • Alleviating concerns and suspicions

  • Preventing errors and other setbacks

  • UX writing for complex systems

  • Smart placeholders

  • Buttons that users want to click

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  • Waiting time




This is the fun stuff. Learning about your subject. Of course, I thought I knew Judaism. But after digging through 150 years of history, what I discovered was pretty mind blowing.



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