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Hello! I'm Emily.

I develop  compelling content and engaging brand experiences for my clients. My work is mission led and value-based.

All of my creative output is carefully crafted and intentionally produced with the following in mind.


1.Builds Revenue

I specialize in revenue supporting programs, including a book and digital-first content for Einstein Healthcare’s $150 Million capital campaign.


2. Searchable + Shareable

I carefully craft SEO strategy, access user data, and produce brand stories for clients like P&G—with digital content that extends across hundreds of websites, blogs, and social media channels, both paid and unpaid.


3. Increases Market Share

Accessing new revenue streams through content strategy is a priority for me with my client work, including Etsy and Ebay. I created searchable evergreen content and helped both ecommerce brands increase market share within the $50 billion dollar wedding industry. Ebay recently increased wedding search traffic by 33%.

Special Marketing Programs:

Today's consumer wants brands to be good, and to do good. Brands comes to important social issues.

I specialize in developing and executing 360 degree brand experiences to connect with the trillion dollar purpose-driven market. Learn more.

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